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Study 2

Guy Doron

In this study, we aimed to investigate whether sensitivity in domains of self is associated with higher levels of OC-relevant cognitions (i.e. responsibility/threat, perfectionism/intolerance of uncertainty, importance of/need to control thoughts), and greater levels of OC symptoms in a non-clinical student sample.

It was predicted that individuals identified as being sensitive in the domains of morality, job competence, school competence, and social acceptability, would demonstrate higher levels of OC related beliefs and symptoms. This relationship was expected to remain when controlling for the effects of general self-worth. General self-worth was controlled for rather than depression because of an interest in differentiating the impact of self-sensitivity from the related concept of general self-esteem or self-worth. In addition, as different OC dimensions may have different etiologies and associated cognitions (see McKay et al., 2004), the relationship of sensitive domains of self to the different OCD-related cognitions and symptoms was explored. Generally, it was expected that morality and social acceptance would be associated with most symptom dimensions and OC cognitions. Job and scholastic competence were predicted to be associated more specifically with responsibility/ over-estimation of threat cognitions.

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