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Guy Doron

Since my arrival in Australia, I have met many people whose friendship, support, guidance and love were indispensable. Firstly, I would like to thank Melbourne University for sponsoring the research and the warm staff that helped greatly with the PhD.

I would like to thank the staff and students of the University of Melbourne Psychology clinic, who assisted with providing rooms, photocopying, and with seeking volunteers; particular thanks to those who provided clinical training over the years, including Henry Jackson; Carol Hulbert, Kathryn Elkins, Celia Hordern and particularly to Sunil Bhar who gave invaluable feedback and support in my clinical training and on aspects of this thesis, including my honours thesis. Thanks to Sue Phillips and Sonia Younan, for their welcoming face, fun chats, resourcefulness and without whom I would surely be overwhelmed by the logistics of the project.

To the staff and students of the Department of Psychology of the Royal Children's Hospital for taking me on for a period that extended much beyond the required, and in particular, to Lesley Bretherton for always being there when needed and for allowing me to learn from her vast experience and knowledge.

Many thanks to for those who assisted in seeking volunteers for the project including Chris Mogan and Ros Lethbridge from Melbourne Clinic, Gwenda Cannard from the Panic Anxiety Disorders Association, the students of UMPC, Fay Burstin of the Herald Sun, and particularly Kathryn I'annson from the Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria; this project would have been impossible without you.

I dedicate this work to my mother, for always being there supporting, encouraging, caring and loving. To Udi and Rachel for supporting me from the "Holy Land". To my brother Assi, who together with Minnie, were my family in Australia. Thank you for many years of intellectual and emotional support. To my nephews; Itai, Ishai and Tomer, grow and be strong and wise. To my nephew Enosh, you are on the right path.

To Ronnie and Ayelet, for being great friends, always giving good advice and putting up with me. To Andits Petra (my Kutya Gyrekem), for three wonderful years of love.

To Richard Moulding, my brother-in-arms (as he calls it); thank you for your insight, sharp intellect, exciting challenges, frequent coffee at Castro's Kiosk and friendship. To Maja Nedeljkovic who has been there with me since my arrival to Australia, for sharing her knowledge and intellect and for being a helping and encouraging friend. To Jeromy Anglim, thank you for your patience and incessant willingness to help with the stats. To Liz Westrupp, thank you for your sense of humour and editing of the last draft of the thesis.

I would like to thank all my office mates over the years, and in particular to Kate Reid and Catharine McNab......I know it was not easy. To Patrick Sloan my business partner at Castro's Kiosk, thank you for a great adventure, it has been great working with you.

To Professor Mike Kyrios; for leading the way from Honours to a PhD, giving me a free reign with my ideas, believing in me, encouraging and guiding. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Many thanks to all those volunteers who gave of their time and patience to take part in the project.

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