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Guy Doron

This thesis provides initial support for the claim that OCD is related to adult internal representations of attachment relationships (Doron & Kyrios, 2005). Individuals experiencing dysfunctional attachment relationships may develop negative internal representations of themselves and the world. Negative attachment representations may also result in constant vigilance for threatening stimuli. Intrusive thoughts challenging sensitive self domains are then more likely to be identified and lead to distress and preoccupation. Self sensitivity coupled with particular assumptions about the world (e.g., the world is a just place) increases the tendency for the emergence of OC related dysfunctional appraisals and OC symptoms in reaction to such intrusions. Thus, OCD is conceptualized as a cognitive sensitivity to particular intrusive experiences stemming from a developmental context. Such notions can easily be incorporated into contemporary cognitive-behavioral theories relating to the etiology and maintenance of obsessions and compulsions.

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